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Why choose Kokoroe?

Prepare your teams for tomorrow's world

Prepare your teams for tomorrow's world

With a multilingual catalogue covering over 200 topics, Kokoroe keeps a constant lookout for new trends and co-defines its training roadmap with a pool of HR Directors and Training Managers in order to match needs and current events as closely as possible. Our motto? The skills of tomorrow: adaptability, creativity, leadership, as well as digital aptitude… all of which constitute the ideal employee profile: one able to adapt to changing working conditions, and to grasp and deal with the complexity of the situations encountered.

Creating an engaging and memorable learning experience

To win the battle for attention at a time when learners are subject to multiple demands, Kokoroe eschews long, academic training courses. With its immersive UX, the Kokoroe platform has all the key ingredients for success: short formats (<15 min) qui s'insèrent facilement entre deux réunions ou lors du déjeuner, de l'émotion et de l'engagement grâce à un ton dans l'ère du temps, des modalités variées adaptées aux usages de chacun (vidéos, podcasts...) et des thématiques en phase avec l'actualité et les attentes des apprenants.

Creating an engaging and memorable learning experience
Acting as a transformation accelerator

Acting as a transformation accelerator

Kokoroe's LMS offers innovative features that are being constantly developed: course creation authoring tool, detailed reporting, integrated communication kit, social media facilitation and management, mobile version, and so on. The Kokoroe LMS lets you manage your activity with complete peace of mind to make your training a transformation driver.

Known and recognised expertise

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Selected from among 400 startups, Kokoroe won the BFM Business "Tech for Good" awards in November 2020. Awarded by <i>France Digitale</i> (French startup organisation) and <i>BFM</i> (French news channel), this award pays national tribute to our long-standing commitment in terms of inclusion and innovation.

The Orange context

In the scope of its continuous learning approach, Orange seeks to train its employees in the skills of tomorrow (mainly soft skills and new technologies) via a concise, entertaining approach in keeping with the times.

Our solution

Kokoroe provided its platform, comprising some 200 multilingual training courses, to all Orange Group employees. These employees benefit from a fun, up-to-the-minute approach with courses that are multi-format (podcast, video, text, etc.) and multi-device.

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The Hennessy context

Hennessy is pushing forward with its transformation and looking to start an internal academy for all its employees (directors, managers, employees and technicians) with a view to supporting the company's global transformation. The role of this academy is to develop employee skills via a fun, innovative and mobile approach.

Our solution

Kokoroe assisted Hennessy with the design and deployment of a catalogue focusing on human, digital and regulatory skills. Kokoroe also oversaw the integration of the training paths, developed bespoke courses and devised a communication plan.

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The RATP context

In order to develop the digital culture of RATP's employees, the Digital academy launched the #Digital_You project.

Our solution

Kokoroe and Beedeez combined their expertise to deliver a comprehensive offer. Within this project, Kokoroe put forward a selection of ten off-the-shelf courses while managing their integration in the Beedeez platform to deliver a fully mobile learning experience.

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The Pôle Emploi context

Pôle Emploi (France's public employment service) wants to raise its employees' awareness of the definitions of AI, Data and their uses via a custom e-learning course. Since employees use Artificial Intelligence on a daily basis, often unknowingly, the goal is to provide a common base of acculturation.

Our solution

We devised a path comprising 7 bespoke e-learning modules lasting a total 45 minutes, directly integrated in Talentsoft. Each module offers a variety of formats (video, text, activities and/or podcast).

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