Kokoroe is an online training platform where each and everyone can develop their abilities in the skills of tomorrow: soft skills, hard skills or new technologies. To acquire them, we have developed a method based on courses that are short, engaging and up-to-the-minute, as tomorrow's skills can't be learned with yesterday's methods!


By the way, do you know what "Kokoroe" means?
Kokoroe is a Japanese word that signifies learning with one's heart!

"In light of today's unprecedented shift in skills, the digital transformation teaches us that the main challenges are not so much technological, rather human."

Raphaëlle Covilette - CEO, Kokoroe


of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet.

Source: Institute For The Future

Our goal: to prepare you for tomorrow's world.

Hybrid management, artificial intelligence, test and learn culture... Every day, new concepts are emerging at an increasingly fast pace of innovation! We must all accept the obvious: in this new era, the skills we acquire at school are no longer those that will take us all the way to retirement. At Kokoroe, our mission is straightforward: to support you in your personal and professional development via engaging, memorable learning experiences.

Our story

Kokoroe founders

Kokoroe came about as a result of the friendship between twin sisters Raphaëlle and Elise Covilette and their childhood friend, Béatrice Gherara. At the age of 30, the trio decided to set up a business with the goal of overhauling the training world by making it more attractive and more engaging. Accelerated by Microsoft Ventures to begin with, the startup made a name for itself in the space of a few short years, taking a prominent place in the e-learning world by winning over large corporations, public institutions and the general public.